Spiritual book publishers best books on mysticism: The Secrets of Hiram Abif: A "Key" to Understanding Masonic Symbolism

Spiritual book publishers best books on mysticism

Not all of the workings of fraternity are benign and harmonious.  Threats to freedom do exist and are very real even in today’s society.  Wherever light exists in the world, darkness hides in the corner waiting for its opportunity to absorb the light.  Demagoguery and despotism, two evils that Masonry has combated against for ages, still demands the Craft’s attention.  Where they exist, the pen of Masonry is expected to bring them to light; to accuse them; to prosecute them; and, to eliminate them as best as possible.  
By nature, man is cruel.  But, fraternity replaces cruelty with justice, compassion and love.  By nature, man enjoys seeing others suffer.  Fraternity builds hospitals, homes for the aged and clinics for children in need of learning how to speak.  History reveals that man kills man for pleasure and political gain.  Fraternity embraces all men – not just who think like us, or look like us – all men.  Fraternity builds Masons by providing the network within which the gospel of identity may be preached and put into action.  Masons build fraternity by forging a brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God – by following in the footsteps of Abraham so that all nations will truly be blessed.
What is it that enables men to overcome fear?  The heroic efforts of the soldiers at Iwo

Jima, or those who stormed the cliffs at  the Normandy invasion stand out to generations as examples of unflinching bravery. Our passing from this material life was ordained before we were born even important Spiritual book publishers best books on mysticism are left behind.  It matters not so much how we die, but how we live.

best books on mysticism

Others believe that freedom is a matter of choice and therefore choose to act free, even though they may be in a horrendous state of fear.  Man is but of little time here on earth. 

But, why do we resist fear?  Most of us are not in combat and thus not at war.  The answer is that we have so conditioned our faith and our minds that we know that we, like all men, will die. Many select slavery and yield. Masonic Apron Cases pose as symbols for higher truth.

Yet, his spirit lives forever.  We ought not to care so much about our welfare here on earth as to sacrifice the great gift of freedom God has given us.

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