For the elderly with low income, there are numerous foundations and agencies that provide free wheel chairs in and around the United States. Listed below are several agencies, their toll free contact numbers and information pertaining to specific qualification criteria to obtaining free wheel chairs.

ANGELS HAVE WHEELS (800) 810-2877
People who suffer from arthritis, cardiovascular and respiratory disorders and diseases and have difficulty walking or using a standard wheelchair may receive an electric wheelchair courtesy of Medicare. You also have to be a Medicare member or recipient to qualify. For more information, please call Gregory.

MIRACLES ON WHEELS (800) 749-8778 Website:
Electric powered wheelchairs are given to non-ambulatory citizens 65 years old and up. Priority is given to applicants who cannot walk or use a standard wheelchair. Permanently disabled people of any age may also qualify for the free electric wheelchair. When an applicant qualifies, there are no cash outs or deposits required. Please get in touch with Miracles on Wheels personnel or visit their website for additional qualifying information.

If you recently suffered a stroke, have Parkinson’s or generally any sickness that prevents you from walking or using the standard manual wheelchair, you may qualify for a free motorized wheelchair. Unfortunately, people in nursing homes or those with HMO insurance are disqualified from this benefit. If the electric wheelchair is for personal home use of a Medicare member or recipient, please call the agency to find out more details.

POWER WHEELCHAIRS (800) 451-0971
Powered wheelchairs are given to qualified senior citizens at no cost or deposit. Basis for qualification are the permanently disabled through the Senior Mobility Program. These electric wheelchairs are given to people who cannot walk and cannot use a standard manual wheelchair in their home. For additional program guidelines, please call Power Wheelchairs.

SENIOR WHEELS USA (800) 246-6010
If the required electric motor wheelchair is for home use, senior citizens and the permanently disabled may qualify for the program at no cost to the qualified recipient. Those who cannot walk and cannot use a standard, non-motorized wheelchair are the primary recipients of this program. Please call Senior Wheels USA for full program guidelines.

THREE WISHES INC. (800) 817-1871
Electric powered wheelchairs are given to the permanently disabled and senior citizens at no cost to the recipient pending approval of qualifications. The power wheelchairs are provided to those who cannot walk and cannot self-propel a manual wheelchair in their home and who meet the additional guidelines of the program. No deposit is required. Please call Three Wishes Inc. for full program guidelines.

WISHES ON WHEELS (800) 823-5220
Powered wheelchairs are made available to non-ambulatory senior citizens 65 years old and up. The wheelchairs are also given to permanently disabled persons of any age. The wheelchair must be used in a personal residence or in independent living quarters. Those who qualify will not be required to make a deposit or cash out any amount. Call Wishes on Wheels for more …

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