Heartland Masonic Lodge No. 576 of El Cajon Archives

Honorable Joe has passed

We just received the sad news that Hon. Joe Jackson passed away this afternoon. Details will be forthcoming.

Randy Brill
Randy Brill, Ph.D., KCCH
General Secretary / Venerable Master
Scottish Rite Valley of San Diego
p: (619)293-4888
f: (619)297-2751

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Steve Laurvick, Sr. Warden

SW Hackett No. 574

Masonic Funeral Service for WB Verlyn \”Blackie\” McMahan

Title: Masonic Funeral Service for WB Verlyn \"Blackie\" McMahan
Location: Lemon Grove Lodge No. 736
Description: There will be a Masonic Funeral Service for WB Verlyn \"Blackie\" McMahan at Lemon Grove Lodge on February 13, 2010, Saturday at 1pm.
Start Time: 13:00
Date: 2010-02-13

Masonic Funeral Service for WB Verlyn "Blackie" McMahan will be at Lemon Grove Lodge on Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 1pm.

Further Light In Masonry

Hey all...

       I was wondering....  For this event on Monday (8/24)  at the SRC...  It says and I quote "Lodge will be convened on the First Degree for the purpose of Masonic Education".   Does this mean that It will be necessary for someone to be there to vouch for me?  As a fairly newly EA I'm not quite sure if I would?  The term "lodge convened" tells me YES I would need someone; yet the term "Masonic Education" tells me that it might to an open to the public event.    Not sure, any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

New to the site…..

Hello All,

                 I am a fairly new EA from El Cajon and am brand new to the site.  I thought perhaps this might enable me to keep informed about other 1º initiations and/or proficiencies going on around the area so that I might be able to attend.....  I suppose I'll just be checkingback in to see what's going on in the future.  Thanks!