Freemasons Best Books Author John Heisner discusses the symbolism of Pythagorean philosophy in relation to Christianity and the rough ashlar.

Secrets of the Freemasons Book

If freedom is to permanently replace repression, the principles of Freemasonry must be put into practice by people and nations. In other words, as with most other matters upon which Masonry weighs in, it is more important that each individual is armed with the tools necessary to resist arbitrary power and rule than it is to arm the masses with weapons of human destruction.

One of the stone images carved into the interior of the chapel symbolizes a Green Man, which in certain religious studies has been associated with so-called pagan religions. After carefully studying those images, it appears more likely that the Green Man is consistent with a more Masonic interpretation of the Deity than of any other religion or philosophy. The depiction is clearly that of a man’s head with leafy vines growing from inside extending outward through the mouth and traveling upward forming a dense bushy vegetation.

Art is a seed of man’s spirituality, for from a simple sentence in a masterful work of literature, or from one line drawn in a painting flow messages and ideas that those who either read, or observe may interpret for their respective personal improvement. It is the basis for mankind’s regeneration, or transmutation from a state of unknowing to a state of knowing – much like the ancient alchemists transformed tin into gold. Thus, the Green Man symbolizes the wisdom which man acquires from the knowledge he has gained as a direct result of his growth in spiritual matters commencing with the mustard seed, or smallest particle of spiritual knowledge imparted to him.