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KSA Stated Meeting

Title: KSA Stated Meeting
Location: Scottish Rite Building
Description: Remember that the March KSA Stated Meeting will follow right after the Scottish Rite SM in the Square and Compass room. I am looking forward to see you there.
Start Time: 20:00
Date: 03-07-2012
End Time: 20:30

KSA Stated Meeting

KSA Stated Meetings will be held after all SR Stated meetings. Meetings will be held in the Square & Compass Room


"The (Twenty- ninth) degree of Knight of St. Andrew is intended to inculcate equality - representing the poor knight equal to the monarch; and exhibits the requisites of knighthood - protection to the defenseless and innocent, the possession of virtue, patience, and firmness and represents the Knight as The the exponent of truth, and one alike without fear and without reproach."

- Charles T. McClenachan, The Book of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry


In the name of the 2012 Newly appointed Chieftain, Officers, Knights and Squires of the Valley of San Diego Knights of San Andrew Clan I would like to wish you a Prosper New Year. This year may bring you health, happiness and peace in company of your family and friends. May Brotherly Love prevail.

Ahmed Jesus Hluz

KSA Chieftain