Reverend Joe Jackson

Associate Pastor and Secretary of Heartland Lodge of San Diego

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June 7,2010

Chaplain, Prelate, Minister, Pastor, sky-pilot.. All these are endearing titles for
those whose primary purpose is to present our petitions before Almighty God.

The Reverend Joe Jackson is all of these and more. In the Lodge we are familiar
with a chaplain, chosen from among the membership to hopefully memorize the
invocation and benediction, be present in most of the meetings of the Lodge and
fulfill the ritual obligation of the position. Somehow Joe Jackson was never
introduced to the “mold”of the average chaplain or prelate. Over the years he
has faithfully and systematically performed the duties of a “man of God”. This
includes love of the membership and their families and a watchful eye for pain
and suffering.

I have known this dear man to spend not only hours but days and weeks in what
he considered his duties to those who were sick or troubled by situations beyond
their means to control. He has brazenly battled bureaucrats, protocol and
procedures in order to come to the assistance of a family in need.

Over the years his faithful column in the Scottish Rite Bulletin has been an
inspiration, a tool for fine focusing on priorities and sometimes a review of
recent history. A re-reading of these articles will prove to be a glimpse into the
gifted mind of my friend Joe Jackson

Dr. Robert E. Winterton Sr. P.M.

To Read Joe Jackson’s Published Articles Click Here