Dan Brown’s bestselling novels have ignited both controversy and outrage but how much of their stories of centuries-old clandestine societies and papal scandals are based on truth? What dark secrets of the Illuminati the Freemasons Galileo and the Church itself remain untold? Investigate the fascinating truths behind Brown’s first novel from ancient secret societies to real-world cryptography from the high-stakes intrigue surrounding the installation of a new Pope to the occasionally uneasy relationship between the Vatican and leading scientists in this revealing special from HISTORY™. Uncloaking many of the historical facts of a monumental time in world history ANGELS & DEMONS DECODED examines religious conspiracies secret “codes” hidden in Roman architecture and artwork and controversial theories that pit science against faith – with life or death consequences. Renowned symbologists art historians religious scholars scientists and other experts help unravel the mysteries and expose any diabolical plots to destroy the Church. Featuring scenes from the new movie Angels & Demons as well as interviews with Tom Hanks and director Ron Howard.

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