Nostradamus 2012 DVD It’s a year that many have prophesied will bring a catastrophic end to life as we know it. Whatever is in store-a massive cosmic collision a global environmental disaster an Armageddon-like religious showdown or a more subtle transformation-many believe that 2012 will mark a major shift in the history of our planet. But what is there to substantiate such fears? A detailed historical investigation of this chilling prophecy is the mission of Nostradamus 2012 an exciting HISTORY special that casts the doomsday warning in a frighteningly modern context. December 21 2012 is bearing down on us with alarming speed. Whether or not we are able to collectively heed the warnings and affect a course to avert disaster may be the defining moment of the modern age.BONUS FEATURES: Additional Footage: The Sun The Egyptians End of Time The Hopi and The Masons Seven Signs of the Apocalypse DVD War famine plague… According to the Book of Revelation in the Bible these are three of the four horsemen of a coming apocalypse. The fourth? The anti-Christ in human form walking somewhere among us. Could this 2 000-year-old prophecy actually come true? And could it be about to happen today? In this fascinating special HISTORY decodes the ancient prophecy which actually consists of seven signs within seven signs within seven more signs and examines whether any of them could be linked to actual or potential occurrences today. What kinds of occurrences? Asteroids earthquakes volcanic eruptions red tides global warming and plagues.We also explore what would happen if the seven-signs prophecy were to unfold right now. It’s fascinating. It’s scary. It’s riveting. And a word of warning: The prophecy ends with Armageddon the final battle between good and evil.

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