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Shower Wheel Chair Review

When a movement is restricted be it is because of a temporary impairment, permanent disability, or old age, even simple things such as going to the bathroom becomes difficult. Make bathing a lot easier for wheelchair-bound individuals with a <a href="">shower wheel chair</a>.

A shower wheelchair is designed for people with crippling ambulatory issues. The purpose is to allow them to bathe safely and independently. Some people might be turned off upon hearing the terms  “medical device.” Despite being equipment used for medical purposes, wheelchairs for the shower are designed to look less clinical to encourage people to look at these products. Moreover, these independent living products are manufactured with safety in mind so that the user and his or her relatives can go on with their day-to-day living without worrying.


For those who are leading normal lives, it is hard to imagine the difficulty encountered by people with disabilities when it comes to their bathroom duties. Aside from needing another person to help them wash and bathe themselves, the disabled are often faced with the possibility of a slip or fall while inside the bath. The

y also have to accept the fact that bathing, once done in private, is done with the aid of another person. Due to pain, possible accident, and loss of privacy, some disabled people forego bathing to avoid all these.


If you want them to lead a safer and more independent lifestyle, a shower wheel chair can successfully accomplish your objective. Unlike regular wheelchairs, these wheeled shower chairs can be used when bathing. They are made of waterproof and rustproof material so users can bring them inside the bathroom and go on with their cleansing ritual. These chairs also feature seats that are cut out in the middle to enable users to wash their groin areas without having to stand. The chairs often come with commode pail to double as a toilet seat for those who are having a hard time going to the toilet.


Since shower wheelchairs are made for those who have mobility problems, they make bathroom life easier for these individuals. The height is adjustable so that the user can reach almost everything while inside the bathroom. In addition, removable armrests allow easier bathing while backrest provides optimal comfort and support.


One common problem for household with small bathing areas is that most wheelchairs do not fit the doors. You can search for folding or retractable models of shower wheelchairs in case you have a small space in your house. There are also portable models for those who only need to use the wheelchair for a short time. Most wheeled shower chairs have weight limits so it is important to select the appropriate bariatric wheelchair for the patient.


People who are confined in wheelchairs have to sacrifice many things, including their privacy and independence. As a family member, you can help them regain these while still keeping them safe while bathing. Giving them the gift of a shower wheelchair is one option that you can do.

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