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Bed Safety Rail Solutions

When I had to first start thinking about taking care of elderly parents, I couldn't figure out what to do. Homecare solutions include Bed Safety Rails. Part of me wanted to go more traditional and keep my parents in the house. I figured that I could take some time off work and my wife could do the same, and between us we could take care of our parents as they grew older. Then again, I did value my freedom, so I contemplated some other options for taking care of the elderly. On the other extreme was sending my parents to a nursing home, something which definitely had its appeal. I love my parents, but I do not want them to constantly be my responsibility. Sending them to a place where they can get professional quality care for the elderly seemed like a good idea to me.

What I didn't realize was that there were a lot of other options. There was in-home care, for example, where we could hire a professional to come in a few times a week and check up on my parents to make sure they were doing all right. This starts by making sure they home is safe, especially in the bedroom and bathroom where falls are common causes of broken hips and wounds requiring long term care. Railings for beds and bathtub hand grips are a must first step. There were also assisted living facilities where older people can live a semi-independent lifestyle with a little bit of supervision to make sure they are okay. Facilities like this have such things as Bed Safety Rails as standared equipment. In some ways, this seemed like a really good option for taking care of the elderly. You see, my parents are both pretty sharp and independent, so an assisted living place would allow them to maintain a good degree of freedom while still having the extra care that their age demanded.

Ultimately, we all had to come to a consensus together. I sat down with my wife and my parents and discussed the different options for taking care of the elderly. One thing I found out very quickly was that my parents actually didn't really want to live with me. This was quite a relief, because although I love my parents, I didn't want them to constantly be in my house for the rest of my life. The best solution is to help them keep their independence in their own home as long as is physically possible and safe for them. Finding Home Medical Equipment will be the first step to making this possible safely.

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