Basic. Fear God- a simple message coming from renown author and speaker Francis Chan.

Basic is a new seven-part film series by the makers of NOOMA featuring Francis Chan he uses a simple, full, and beautiful journey that our lives should look like.

Going back to the well, basics, of Fearing God this series also includes the basics of the questions like ” Who is God ” In this series the basic structure of faith is addressed questions about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.We’re all looking for a solid foundation -something we can build our lives on. In this series it puts it simply how to live out our lives like the church should. This was such a helpful tool to me in my life. This is a potent and strong DVD based around the essential truth of scripture: ” The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”


To understand the relationship between God and man, we turn to those who have directly interacted with Him in the Bible. In each case, they are met with fear. Not respect, reverence or courage, but sheer speechlessness, humility, and complete surrender. They are overcome with pure fear and many of them cry out to be destroyed.


Most people today have lost this fear. We need to understand that a true fear of God leads to the keeping of His commandments, leads to life abundant, and is the beginning of wisdom.



Within this deeply impacting teaching series one will discover: 

– What does Scripture indicate when it commands people to fear God? 
– What is the difference between fear of the Lord and mere respect or reverence? 
– What does proper biblical application of the fear of God lead to in your life?

This is a well done project that has helped me amazingly.

I highly recommend this DVD to anyone really from youth groups to small groups and even family devotions.

Pick up yet another amazing inspiration by Francis Chan, It’s Basic

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