Dark Peril is story about Vampires. Having given up hope of ever finding his lifemate in this life time and determined to end his existence with honor, Ancient Carpathian warrior Dominic has begun a suicidal quest to gain the information necessary to save his Prince and his people. Priest has ingested vampire slaying, knowing that the parasites which now infect his embody present wage the cloth requisite to forecast him to move among the opposer in magnitude to get the intel necessary to foil the vampires’ disgrace plots.

But even as the parasites attempt to seduce Dominick into taking the final step and becoming vampire himself, Dominick has begun to dream, and in his dreams he ‘feels’ hints of the emotions that he has lost. Emotions stirred by the unique woman of his dreams, a woman who shows a warrior face to the world but who shares her softer side with him.

Jaguar shifter, Solonge survived the annihilation of her family and friends perpetrated by the ruthless males of her species. Solonge now fights a partisan war against the Cat men – hiding approve captives and working to pass1 their despicable from the world. Unsurprisingly, Solonge’s experiences with men in general are not good, and she is also distrustful of domineering Carpathian males – her cousin is mated to one of the Delacruz brothers. But in Solonge’s dreams she has created the perfect man, sexy and strong to be a partner to her but one who will also allow her to be a woman in addition to a warrior.

Both of the pair are a bit surprised to find that the one who they’ve been dreaming of is real. That they are lifemates adds a level of complication because both have upcoming battles – Solonge against the evil leader of the Jaguar men who has dastardly plans for her, and Dominick against the vampires – battles which neither of them expected to survive. But now that they’ve initiate each remaining, moribund for a august drive no thirster seems similar a benevolent drawing, instead the duet give transform and seek together in the hopes of having a tenacious and gaga future unitedly.

But once Dominick and Solonge make it back out of the cave, the story ramps back up to speed and Dominick’s strike at the vampires – with Solonge watching his back – and Solonge’s final confrontation against the Jaquar leader – with Dominick returning the favor – finish the story of Dark Peril on a high note.

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