When I first saw this book, I knew it would be an interesting read just from the title.

However, reading it all the way through took me forever. Not because it was a horrible book, mind you.

No, it took me forever to get through this book because of the many laugh fests along the way that couldn’t be stopped.

After gaining a large following on his blog of the same name, Acuff put his best observations into a gut-busting look at the Christian life in Stuff Christians Like.

As a normal everyday guy, Acuff has put together some of the most entertaining and dead-on observations about his fellow Christ followers.

Using a sarcastic and witty writing style, Acuff points out those moments that we all wish we could comment on, yet are too afraid of offending someone.

Some of his gems include: “Obligations to think about going into the full-time ministry at least once every three years” and “Saying you’re going to pray for someone…then not.”

One of my favorite subjects in Stuff Christians Like was entitled “Being not funny for the Lord.” In this essay, he points out that many suffer from SCS, also known as Serious Christian Syndrome. This is the idea that to be a good Christian, you must be serious all the time.

However, Acuff points out several verses that prove that God wants us to laugh and have fun. Seeing as how I do consider myself somewhat sarcastic at time, I thought this essay was so correct.

For those who may be offended by the book’s description, fear not. Acuff is not condemning Christianity or mocking it. Instead, he is bringing to light some of the more interesting facets of daily church life.

By doing this, he is showing us that God wants us to stop worrying about how we look doing something and getting caught up in foolish things and just enjoy being a Christian.

This book is a big must for anyone who wants a clean laugh and a double check on there own sincerity. So pick up Stuff Christians Like by Jonathan Acuff and start seeing how many of these scenarios come up in your daily life.

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