Your personal guide to learning how to love.

When you say or hear the words “I love you” it can change your life forever.   Love is one of God’s most important gifts to anyone, yet there are many misunderstandings about how to make love work in our families, friendships, marriages and dating relationships. In Loving People best-selling author Dr. John Townsend shows you that love can actually be learned, and gives you the steps and tools to become skilled in love.

The three most powerful words ever spoken are still “I love you!” They have the ability to transform relationships, families and communities. When real love is expressed, people naturally come alive, heal and become who they were created to be. In Loving People, Dr. John Townsend explores the important role love plays in personal growth and relationships. Apart from love, we simply cannot grow spiritually, emotionally or personally.  Loving and being loved go hand in hand. They allow you to become the loving person you were designed to be. Learning to love has so many benefits. It will help you develop better and healthier relationships. Learning to love also increases your capacity for more intimacy. You can even love at a deeper level. Whenever you’re facing trials, stress or struggles, love empowers you to get through. And loving goes hand in hand with joy and happiness. As you learn to love and be loved, you can’t help but experience and feel success and achieve some of your dreams. In this process, you’ll develop leadership abilities and help others.

“One of the most important realities of the nature of true love is that the `lovability’ of the other person is ultimately irrelevant. Said another way, the more we require the other person to be lovable in order to actually care, the less loving we are. The converse is also true: the less we require the other person to be lovable, the more loving we are.” 

Insights and thought-provoking statements like these line the pages. The result is a book that everyone can benefit from. By the time you finish reading it, you’ll discover that “I love you” means a bunch more than you thought it did and looking for ways to express and experience those words in attitude and action.

This book was so inspiring and made me want to LOVE.

Pick up Loving People: How to Love and Be Loved today!

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