What in the world am I here for? That is the question we all ask from the time we learn to speak and think to the time we are on our death bed. Many time it goes unanswered, or if it is somehow answered, it still can be unclear. We often ask the selfish questions over our existence. Who is our soul mate? What will be our life-time occupation? The question we ought to asking should pertain to the Almighty and his plan for us.

We need to remember that God has always thought of us before he had ever crossed our minds. There IS a reason and plan for why we are here, although many things crowd God’s place, for example: careers/ambitions, hobbies, and even our spouses. God wishes for us to choose Him over all..

I know my role on earth and for eternity thanks to Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

The Purpose Driven Life is a 40-day spiritual journey that will answer that important question:”Why am I here”. I know that you will learn more about who you are and what you should be living for. Sure, it may take more than 40 days to completely get the guidance that you want but you will be reminded every time you pick up this book that God is there by your side.

You may not have ever been sure if you had a plan for your life. It isn’t an accident that we are living, breathing, existing. There is a plan behind it all and the hand that guides it is the hand of God. There is a loyalty to embrace for our Creator.

It takes focus and discipline to actually DO what you are here to do. God cares about HOW we are as people, and not who we are as people which is topsy-turvey in today’s culture. At least that is what I took from the book. I encourage you to read and find out more for yourself.

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