Title: EA & FC Night III
Location: East San Diego Lodge
Description: On Thursday December 2nd at 7:00 pm, S.W. Hackett Lodge in brotherly cooperation and assistance with East San Diego Lodge, #561 will present EA & FC Night III.


This night of celebration of all Entered Apprentice and Fellow Craft Masons will be held at East San Diego Lodge, located at: 7849 Tommy Drive – San Diego, CA 92119. As before, this night is to encourage and inspire our Masonic Brothers who have taken the first or second step in Masonry as well as those Master Masons who desire further light.

As in past EA & FC nights, The Lodge will be opened on the First degree of Masonry so that all can attend. We will then call to refreshment so that informal presentations and discussion can take place. At the close of the evening, we will return to labor and close the lodge.

This night will include a presentation of some explanations and definitions of some parts included in the first degree ceremonies that are often overlooked or misunderstood by the candidate and even by some Master Masons.

We will again be fortunate to have Brother David Watson presenting another interesting lecture and, as the last lecture, this one will expand on the role of Masonry in our history and its links to many cultures. Learn more of the “Mysteries of Freemasonry”. Also as the previous lecture, this one will be acceptable for Entered Apprentice Masons, as Brother Watson will leave out the deeper mysteries that are learned by, and appropriate for, Fellow Craft and Master Masons. Those who have attended in the past will tell you that even as Master Masons, they were brought some very interesting information and that is was well worth the attendance.

We were pleased with the response from the attendees of the first and second EA & FC Nights, and look forward to another good night of brotherhood and education. All the Brethren are invited and encouraged to attend.

We again cordially invite, and strongly encourage, all Masons from all Lodges to attend. We look forward to seeing you there. For further information, questions or suggestions for program inclusions, please contact me at 858-538-6345 or email to: masonic574@irfutures.com.

Please mark this date on your calendar and try to attend. We look forward to seeing many new faces.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Dennis Stahr, JW

Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2010-12-02

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