Some diseases have lately been put down to exposure to dangerous materials in the workplace. Mesothelioma, a cancer that is all too common these days, is one, and that is why mesothelioma claims are becoming more frequent. You may know someone who suffers from mesothelioma or you have possibly have been diagnosed yourself, so let’s have a basic look at what it is, how it comes about, and what the symptoms are before we talk about claiming for compensation.

Like all types of cancer, mesothelioma is a tumour. It occurs in the mesothelium, which is a thin film of the chest and the abdomen that is there to aid the operation of some of our vital organs. In basic terms, the mesothelioma causes this lining to become damaged, and as it does so it increases the pressure on the organs concerned. This can lead to damage and where the lungs are concerned this can result in a difficulty in breathing. It is regarded as an industrial disease because, as with a number of similar ailments, it has been clearly proven to be most prevalent among men who worked in jobs where asbestos was present.

The building industry, pumbers, boilermakers and shipbuilding are the most common jobs where infection with mesothelioma has been linked, but it is vital to remember that the symptoms can take many years – usually around 30 – to appear. This, naturally, has led to it being more and more frequent ar present as those who worked with asbestos before it was banned find they are suffering long after.
Indications of mesothelioma include difficulty in breathing, pain in the chest area and sudden weight loss; other symptoms may include heavy sweating at night, a persistent cough and swelling in the abdomen. These are all signs that are reported by patients making mesothelioma claims and should be taken very seriously if they are experienced by anyone who once worked in the relevant jobs or by anyone who is close to them. Asbestos fibre, the usual cause of mesothelioma, has been found to have been carried home on the clothes of those exposed to it, and inhaled daily by anyone with close contact. It is essential to remember, however, that all of the symptoms of mesothelioma can be caused by other diseases, and this is why it is important to seek accurate medical diagnosis on experiencing any of those mentioned.

Because mesothelioma is classified as an industrial disease, and proven to have been caused by negligence, there is great scope for making successful compensation claims. It is important, however, that medical diagnosis is obtained and that you secure an experienced and knowledgeable professional – a solicitor experienced in mesothelioma and asbestosis claims – to undertake your claim for you. The law surrounding industrial diseases can be tricky and often hard to understand for the inexperienced, hence the recommended use of a solicitor. You can find plenty examples of solicitors with experience in the area of mesothelioma by browsing the net, or you could have seen adverts on the television or in magazines, but either way do not delay for you might be in line for a windfall.

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