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Davinci Kalani – Making A Difference In The Home And The Commnuity

Davinci Kalani has been around for over 20 years today and has been making quality baby furniture through ecommerce all this time.  They’ve always kept both the parents and baby in mind when they are planning their furniture.  Whether it’s safety, convenience or overall efficiency they’ve always asked the question of what is better for the family unit in this real key point in their lives.

What’s not known or very publicized about Davinci Kalani is the charitable contributions of the mother corporation, Million Dollar Baby.  MDB, as they’re often known by, has produced great contributions to Union Rescue Mission, Special Olympics Southern California, Save the Children, and Royal Family Kids’ Camp. They have donated over $100,000 to these efforts altogether and are looking to set up programs to increase their donations every year.  These 4 organizations are very near to MDB’s heart and they perform all that they can to make sure that they keep going.

MDB has realized the fact that there are numerous youngsters who are less blessed then those of their loyal customers and preferred to do something about it. MDB acknowledges that they can play an essential role in giving back to those who are less fortunate.  It’s in giving back that they can help improve the precious lives in our community one child at a time.

I’ve forever been a lover of Davinci Kalani and have used their furniture set in the baby's room for all my youngsters. Each mother that asks me for my suggestions on what should they use for their babies, the first thing that comes out of my mouth is Davinci Kalani.

Like most soon to be mothers, I bought my baby furniture based on quality, safety and visual appeal. At first I didn't recognize I was giving back to the community also. When I commenced to look into MDB a bit more and gathered what they were doing with revenue from sales, my heart felt that much more complete.  I was helping make a difference likewise. Understand that when you make that next purchase for your baby, that you’re not only providing for that young one's life but assisting for the greater good of the community.

E-Book Readers Encourage Americans To Read More

E-book sales during the first six months of 2010 were 183% higher than for the equivalent period in 2009, according to the Association of American Publishers. Forrester Research estimated that 11 million Americans would own a digital reading device by the end of September 2010.

It seems that e-book readers are actually encouraging people to read more. Owners of the Amazon Kindle reader are estimated to buy 3.3 times as many books following the purchase of their Kindle than they did before they had their reader.

There's no doubt that Amazon is the biggest e-book seller at the moment. They have in excess of 700,000 Kindle books to choose from on their website – and there are a further 1.8 million out of copyright books that can be downloaded for free. Amazon has, very cleverly, made a whole range of free apps available for a variety of different devices which lets users read Kindle books without a Kindle reader. This could conceivably impact upon Kindle reader hardware sales - but Amazon are clearly happy to accept this in order to secure sales of Kindle books.

The sales of e-book readers grew exponentially during 2009 - heavily influenced by the release of the Amazon Kindle 2.0 reader in February of that year. They are still a niche product and are just beginning to spread beyond early adopters. Recent price reductions, in response to the release of the Apple iPad which can, amongst numerous other things, be used as an e-book reader, have helped to make e-book readers more appealing to prospective customers.

The Kindle became Amazon’s most gifted item ever during the festive season of 2009. Currently, it's the top selling item on the Amazon site - and likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. The release of the third generation Kindle at the beginning of August has proved to be a good response to Apple's iPad – and the Kindle is now selling like hot cakes.

The public has clearly become accustomed to the idea of e-book readers and e-books by now. At the moment it looks like there is sufficient room in the market for both the specialist Kindle and the multi-functional iPad. Only time will tell if this situation will continue, or whether there will be a gradual shift to a more versatile type of e-book reader when Amazon eventually develop color e-ink technology displays,. However, e-books are here to stay, and will make up a larger and larger proportion of total book sales in future.

Book Review On 90 Minutes In Heaven By Don Piper

90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper was a very interesting read.

I am a sci-fi kind of guy... however this book affected me in a much deeper way than I had expected.

The story goes that on the way home from a church conference, Don Piper's car was crushed by a semi-trailer that crossed into his lane. Medical personnel said he died instantly.

While lying lifeless inside his car, Piper writes that he experienced the glories of heaven, awed by the beauty and music.

Seeing Piper fight for his life, a minister began praying for his recovery..

After reading this story, I found it easier to face the issues that come up in my life.. A majority of 90 Minutes in Heaven focuses on Piper's struggles after his accident..

The intense pain and knowledge that he won't be normal again lead Piper to despair, depression, and frustration.

God placed a number of people in Piper's life to help him with his depression and despair. Piper begins to share his experience with others and finds God working through his story.

If you seek a complete description of Heaven, you may feel let down by this book.. But this book will show you that God can help you overcome anything..

Piper's harrowing recovery was a great inspiration to me, and I would encourage anyone who is down on  their luck to read this and see how God can transform your life.

90 Minutes in Heaven offers a glimpse into a very real dimension of God's reality. This book offers encouragement to those who are struggling with personal issues.. Don's life was forever changed from this experience. This book changed my life as well.

Oh... and they have sold over 4 million copies. There's a reason why, it's just that good!!

Senior Bath Chairs Ship Before Christmas

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Attention all Al Bahr Shrine Past Master's Club members,
We are sorry for the short notice but there will be a special meeting (Election of Officers) on Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010 @ 6:30 pm at the Al Bahr Shrine Temple. We are calling all the Shrine Past Masters to come and attend and elect the new officers for the next ensuing year.
We had to cancel the meeting last Friday, Nov.19 because we did not have a quorum to make the election. Let us spread the word out and remind all the Shrine Past Masters to attend the election of officers meeting on Wednesday.
Thank you all and I'll see you all on Wednesday.
WB Jay Mamuyac
Lemon Grove Lodge 736
(619) 316-7340

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Chula Vista 626 Installation Of Officers

Title: Chula Vista 626 Installation Of Officers
Location: 732 Third St. Chula Vista CA. 91910
Link out: Click here
Description: Annual Installation of Officers

Installing Officer will be The Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in California- William Bray
Start Time: 6:00
Date: 2010-11-19
End Time: 9:00

Veracity Credit Repair by Paralegal Professionals

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John Maxwell’s Self Improvement 101

The measure of a true leader is the relentless pursuit of self-improvement in our daily lives. By never being satisfied with our skill level in our primary endeavor; by constantly striving to improve some facet of our performance, we will learn from our experience and approach every obstacle with a clear understanding about what we need to do to overcome it; accepting the safe status-quo isn't an option. 

John C Maxwell certainly understands what it takes to be an effective leader; he's already written a slew of terrific books on the subject, and his latest effort is designed to lay the proper foundation for personal growth; to maximize our leadership skills by adding some measure of experience and knowledge to our existing level of expertise. The key is to repeat the process every day; this isn't a self-improvement project is NOT for the faint of heart. Drawing from the wisdom in his books Your Road Map for Success, Talent Is Never Enough, Developing the Leaders Around You, Failing Forward, The 360 Degree Leader, Winning with People, and Leadership Gold, John C. Maxwell provides in Self-Improvement 101 the essentials all leaders need to keep striving for excellence no matter where they are or what they are doing. After all, great leaders who are growth oriented rather than goal oriented never "arrive," they just keep building upon what they're learning.

I loved this book because I never want to stop growing and learning or of course- improving. Maxwell's inspiring insight was really beneficial to me through this book. If you're looking to improve like most of us humans are than I would highly suggest this to you. All great leaders are growth oriented, they know what path they are on, they know if they are stagnant or not, and that is indeed the key.

Pick up Self Improvement 101 and get started today , why wait?!


The Blueprint: A Plan For Living Above Life’s Storms

Wouldn't you love to truly live " above " life's storms? Storms are inevitable, so how do we infact rise above some of the truly hard circumstances and gut wrenching stuff that life throws our way??


Kirk Franklin's newest book: The Blueprint: A Plan for Living Above Life's Storms speaks on this subject. Kirk didn't grow up in the easiest of ways, from his father abandoning his family, his mother telling him he was unwanted and therefore left him to be adopted at age four ; his sister became a crack addict ; he never saw a black man faithful in is marriage, and the list goes on. Despite his shaky foundation he found strength and success through his life's architect- God.

God truly holds the " Blueprint " of our lives is what this book shouts over and over again. Knowing all of this helps us depend on the architect of our lives. Kirk learned that through hardships ( that are necessary ) that propelled and moved him into being something greater. Who would of thought that now he's the bestselling gospel musician in history , as well as devoted husband and loving father.

The Blueprint is a transparent approach into talking about some hard issues- from marriage to polotics to sex and religion. " Not from a Princeton, mainline, protestant, evangelical or liberal veiwpoint, but from a 2010 Christian moderate with swag. " - Kirk Franklin

In this book I found that it's not a step program , but it's rather a lifelong journey. With Kirk's inspiration you'll find in this book it pushes you on to something greater than your current hardship, and that is excatly what this book is- It shows you hardships, God as our architect, and what we can do about following God's Blueprint and not the Blueprint of our hardships and hurts.

Just when you thought Kirk Franklin was inspiring enough ,he comes out with this!

Pick up The Blueprint and be inspired!