Title: Master Mason School (Grand Lecturer in Attendance)
Location: Morrison Room at the Scottish Rite Center
Description: As you know, our new Grand Lecturer will be in San Diego to conduct the Master Mason School during which he will instruct on the ritual in the 3rd degree.

The school is run similarly to the OSI’s you are already familiar with. There are just a whole lot more sideliners to impress. So we want to make a good impression, study the verbal and floorwork ritual and be ready to get interrupted by the GL as he instructs. Since MW Nagel is new to the position, I do not have any information to pass along about how he runs such a school. My advice is for us to remain calm, confident and remember that this is for instruction. This school is the one time you will actually learn everything you need to know directly from the person who gives instruction to the AGL’s and Inspectors at their schools. Embrace the fact that you have been selected – it means we value your experience, your ritual work and know you can endure positive criticism in order to more accurately teach the work. -John Heisner
Start Time: 08:30
Date: 2011-07-23

Filed under: California IX Masonic Division

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