secret masonic symbols Book- In Search of Grand Master Hiram by John Heisner

Secrets of the Freemasons Book-

In Search of Grand Master Hiram

by John Heisner

Material life is on a continuing progression toward decay and there is precious little time available to participate in the development of the spirit. On some Secrets of the Freemasons Book, The Illuminati had declared war against Church and State a decade earlier and worked feverishly to spread their new gospel of Liberty and Reason. The recruiting program of Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt was focused on attracting the powerful and influential government ministers, educators.

secret masonic symbols

The hourglass asks the candidate to reflect upon the irreversibility of the passage of time. Although the Order was officially suppressed on the eve of the Revolution, its efforts do not appear to have been in vain. The bread denotes the transformation from the raw to the fully cooked - from raw wheat to the bread which is fit for human consumption. A Mason is not valuable to the world in which he lives simply because he has been initiated into the Order. Rather, he must prepare himself by study and the application of the knowledge that he acquires, if he is ever to benefit society and mankind.

The regeneration explained in this symbolism is not that of the resurrection of the spirit and soul, but of the resurrection to moral and virtuous living of the material body. The flask of water represents fertility, or regeneration, of which lustration, or baptism is also a symbol. Regeneration of the spirit and soul benefits the individual, while renewal of the resolve to live will benefits others.

According to Jewish literature and traditions, great care was taken of the personal condition of every Israelite who entered the Temple for Divine worship. The Talmud dictated the following requirements: "No man shall go into the Temple with his staff or with his shoes on his feet, or with his outer garment, or with money tied up in his purse." The greatest success of the Bavarian Illuminati conspiracy was the French Revolution of 1789. The profound impact of that Revolution is felt to this day in the political destinies of billions of people worldwide.

Gardiner's quest is to uncover truths and secrets of the world's most powerful men in history. The journey takes him to dark places - sinister places that existed then and still exist today - a world that is formidably hidden from our eyes and finds himself in situations that seem to mirror. Masonry has adopted portions of this ancient Jewish custom regarding the preparation of the candidate for entry into a lodge. Author of the best selling Secrets of the Freemasons Book - Secrets of the Serpent and The Ark the Shroud and Mary, he now delves into another aspect of the human enigma with Secret Societies. Most religions teach that unless a man renews his material life to the doing of good works, he will not fully prepare himself for eternal life.

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