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MORALS and DOGMA of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Albert Pike, the Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite from 1859 to 1891, is one of the most honored and influential American Freemasons of all time. The Supreme Council exalts Pike by saying: Albert Pike remains today an inspirations for Masons everywhere. His great book, Morals and Dogma endures as the complete exposition of Scottish Rite philosophy. He will always be remembered and revered as the Master Builder of the Scottish Rite. Often referred to as the 'Masonic Bible'. CONTENTS: Apprentice; Fellow-craft; Master; Secret Master; Perfect Master; Intimate Secretary; Provost and Judge; Intendant of the Building; Elu of the Nine; Elu of the Fifteen; Elu of the Twelve; Master Architect; Royal Arch of Solomon; Perfect Elu; Knight of the East; Prince of Jerusalem; Knight of the East and West; Knight Rose Croix; pontiff; Master of the Symbolic Lodge; Noachite or Prussian Knight; Knight of the Royal Axe or Prince of Liabanus; Chief of the Tabernacle; Prince of the Tabernacle; Knight of the Brazen Serpent; Prince of Mercy; Knight Commander of the Temple; Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept; Scottish Knight of St. Andrew; Knight Kadosh; Inspector Inquisitor; Master of the Royal Secret. IF YOU READ ONLY ONE BOOK ON FREEMASONRY, THIS IS IT!

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Essentials of Freemasonry

A guide to the Masonic legacy in Washington, DC, just in time for publication of the new Dan Brown novel. The Masons are coming! The Masons are coming! Or, more precisely, Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol is finally on its way, and one look at the book cover, replete with Masonic symbols, confirms what has been whispered about for years – that this book will do for the Freemasons and Washington, DC, what The Da Vinci Code did for early Christian history and Paris.The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to the Essentials of Freemasonry offers a quick run through of the beginnings of American Masonic history, much of it centered on what would become the nation’s capital, and a whirlwind tour through Masonic Washington, DC. From the cornerstones of the U.S. Capitol and the White House, laid during Masonic ceremonies, to the many Masonic statues around town, to the Founding Fathers themselves, many of whom were Masons, readers will be fully prepared to take on The Lost Symbol, and solve all the puzzles Brown has in store for them.

The Freemasons Key – A Study of Masonic Symbolism

Symbolism is the language of Freemasonry. But what is symbolism? Why does Masonry use it? Who else has used symbolism? Some of the great minds in Masonic history (Albert ...

Stellar Theology And Masonic Astronomy

This incredibly detailed book reveals the hidden meanings behind occult signs and symbols from ancient times, found in what should be termed stellar theology, and then carried ...

Entered Apprence’s Hand Book: The True Secrets of the First Masonic Ri

An interpretation of the first degree, the meaning of the preparation, symbolism, ritual and signs as theorised by the author.

The Masonic Myth: Unlocking the Truth about the Symbols, the Secret Ri

The Truth Revealed Freemasons have been connected to the all-seeing eye on the dollar bill, the French Revolution, the Knights Templar, and the pyramids of Egypt. They have ...

Napoleon’s Pyramids

Ethan Gage, assistant to Ben Franklin and expatriate American in post–Revolutionary France, wins an ancient––and possibly cursed––medallion in a card game. Covered in seemingly undecipherable symbols, the medallion seems linked to an ancient Masonic mystery. That night, Ethan is framed for a prostitute's murder and barely escapes France his life. Faced with either prison or death, Gage is offered a third choice––to accompany the new Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, as France sails to conquer Egypt, closely followed by Lord Nelson's British fleet. Incredible surprises await Gage once he arrives, in the form of both a beautiful Macedonian slave and in the dawning knowledge that the medallion may answer one of the greatest riddles of history––who built the Great Pyramids, and why––and reveal an answer more shocking and revelatory than anyone could imagine.

Duncan’s Masonic Ritual And Monitor

Subtitled A Guide to the Three Symbolic Degrees of the Ancient York Rite and to the Degrees of Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, and the Royal Arch. This is a ...

Behind the Lost Symbol

THE SYMBOL WAS LOST... BUT THE TRUTH HAS BEEN FOUND! With his blockbuster bestselling novels The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, author Dan Brown introduced readers to a world of symbols and secret societies, men of God warring with men of Science, and the adventures of brilliant Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon. Now, with his newest novel, The Lost Symbol, Brown has woven a complex web of intrigue, religion, technology, and great historical figures guiding the destiny of mankind. Inside, you will find the truth behind The Lost Symbol's history and myths, such as: * The strength and influence of the enigmatic Freemasons throughout history * The founding fathers of the United States--and their possible connections with secret organizations such as the Illuminati and the Templars * The meaning within the symbols of the Great Seal of the United States * The identity of the Masonic "Great Architect of the Universe" * And so much more! For armchair historians and devoted fans-or those who want to know where the line is drawn between fact and fiction-this is the ultimate guide to the mysteries, symbolism, and historical contexts of Dan Brown's thrilling novel. Includes 8 pages of photos and illustrations!

Mozart the Freemason: The Masonic Influence on His Musical Genius

Mozart's understanding of the use of symbol allowed him to create music that would lead the listener into a harmony that transcended earthly existence. Jacques Henry ...