Division IX Organizations

A helping hand from the Freemasons

(Photo by Ira Philip) Officiants of the Freemasons Fund of Bermuda at the latest disbursement of funds were lawyer Michael Smith, Colin Blades, former presidents John Dale and Norman Pogson, fund treasurer Dudley Cottingham and Ivan Swan.

Masons lend a helping hand to South Sefton foodbank

SOUTH Sefton Foodbank has thanked Bootle Freemasons after they donated food for use in its six sites. The chairman of the Bootle Group of Lodges, Ian Gee, his deputy, John Marsden, and group secretary Ray Barrow have been working with the lodges in ...

The Secret Hand That Helped Build Fort Wayne

They called themselves Freemasons and adopted symbols of their trade, like the square and compass representing the Divine geometry of the Universe. There were secrets, too...handshakes and rituals that bound this brotherhood together and made others, ...