They’re the most iconic symbols of America, but lurking behind each one are conspiracy theories, myths, and lies. The Statue of Liberty, White House, street plan of Washington D.C., U.S. Flag, and Great Seal all hold mysterious secrets: masonic markings, coded texts, ghosts and more inhabit our most well-known national treasures. 1. Are there really Masonic markings on the map of D.C, ghosts in the White House, satanic messages on the Great Seal, and sinister origins behind Lady Liberty? 2. The Washington Monument, Mount Rushmore, the Liberty Bell, U.S. Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial all hold untold tales of intrigue. Did the Freemasons imbed codes on Washington’s most famous obelisk? What’s Mount Rushmore’s connection to the KKK? Are Lincoln’s hands sending us a secret message?

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