Rubber band bracelets

Aiming to raise money cheaply? Rubber wristbands, also called rubber bracelets, or “awareness wrist bands” are fashionable and cool and are a good way for folks of all ages to give money to a worthy cause and also exhibit their continuing support as well, anywhere they happen to be.

Produced from silicone , the fundraising bracelets are soft, bendable, remarkably resilient and economical also, particularly when ordered in bulk.

More than raising funds, such stylish rubber wristbands encourage and maintain awareness for those charities. They also operate like a connecting element among the individuals of any group wearing them. No doubt you’ve seen them a lot recently.

Awareness wristbands happen to be donned by followers of various large and common causes like cancer, AIDS, autism, and also by supporters of armed forces troops and educational organizations.

Started by noted Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong and his cancer organization, they’re available in numerous colors and designs, depending upon the charitable organization you choose. Each group offers its’ own specific color. Supporters of Lance Armstrong’s cancer organization, for example, sport yellow wristbands for their “Livestrong bracelets”. Another prevalent color is pink, which traditionally represents breast cancer groups. Quite a few alternative colors can be obtained, like rainbow along with multi-colored wrist bands.

At least one reason why rubber wrist bands might be so sought-after is because they’re economical. They usually go for a couple dollars or even lower. Fundraiser organizations can buy them at low cost and have a nice return without having to gouge their followers.

There’s two varieties of silicone wrist bands to choose from; embossed and imprinted. The embossed wristbands can be customized with your group’s message molded within the bracelet, but the printed bracelets have the message stamped on top only. As expected, the embossed type will last a lot longer since the text won’t wear off – definitely not for a very long time.

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