Known throughout the world for his thought-provoking insight and reassuring advice, Max Lucado provides readers with another life changing resource with his new book Fear Not.

Although the book is relatively short, it offers several inspirational quotes from both the Bible and Lucado’s previous works that will help readers overcome the fears that hamper everyday life.

The Fear Not Promise Book is a complement to his previous book Fearless. This little book is packed with materials to encourage readers to overcome any fear or obstacle that may pop up in their lives.

The book is divided into six sections: God is with You, God is Never Surprised, God Provides and Guides, God is in Control, God Cares about You, and God Loves and Forgives.

Each section focuses on common areas of life and provides Lucado’s personal insight on how to overcome these fears. On each page of this book there are several verses that support Lucado’s advice and show readers that God not only understands our fears, but it always able to overcome them.

One of the most striking passages in Fear Not can be found on page 16. Lucado promises readers that “You will never go where God is not. You may be moved in life, enlisted, commissioned else where, even hospitalized, but the main truth to this is, you can never go where God is not.”

This simple yet profound idea offered me a great deal of personal comfort and satisfaction as it is often easy to forget that God is always with us. With everything that is seemingly going wrong in today’s world, it is easy for one to worry about their future.

But Lucado’s book shows that in times of great trouble, God can do his very best work.

Fear Not by Max Lucado encourages readers to trust in God’s promise to take care of us and help us overcome whatever life throws our way. Its small size allows for one to carry it wherever they go and its simple layout lets readers pick it up and receive God’s comfort at any time.

This book is a must have for anyone seeking comfort in today’s harsh world.

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