Anxiety. Worry. Stress.


It seems this is our culture , and if you aren’t worried, stressed, well then you don’t have much going on in your life now do you?

Is this a Biblical way to live life? No. That’s hard isn’t it. I know it’s hard for me to hear when I think I have a right to be anxious or worried or STRESSED. But Jesus says to look at birds- how he takes care of them he even says look at the flowers even how he clothes them- he knows the hair count on our very heads? Wow. Remembering that in faith helps my anxiety fall away. The Art of Casting Your Cares and Resting in our God. Joyce Meyer explains why we should and how we can: -Trade our anxiety and worry for peace and joy. -Develop a childlike attitude of faith. -Rest in the arms of the Lord. And so much more! You will develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your heavenly Father as you understand how He cares for you. By following the leading of the Holy Spirit, your life will be filled with unlimited hope and overflow with His peace, so that you will finally Be Anxious for Nothing!

Difficult times, trials and tribulation are part of living in this broken world. However- God has provided a way for us to enjoy peace as a part of daily life. We can choose either to allow ourselves to be burdened with all that worry and anxiety or to live in the peace and joy the Father intended. In Be Anxious for Nothing, bestselling author Joyce Meyer teaches how to draw on the peace of God in the midst of negative circumstances instead of responding as do many people in the world with restlessness, fear and so much apprehension. She reveals the nature of the peace Jesus describes in John 14:27- a peace which is unlike anything the world knows- and how it can fill every area of your daily life. This book was truly an encouragement to me in my life. To attack life without fear and anxiety that can really hold me back to being and going what God wants me to be and do. Get your life back. Live like Jesus wants us to live- depending on Him and not on ourselves and that defeats that anxiety the worry- the stress.


I encourage you to get Be Anxious For Nothing and start being anxious… for NOTHING.

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