Relationships seem to attract conflict don’t they?


Every person in the world should experience the joy of a peaceful life. But we don’t! We are full of emotional bruises, grudges, stress, and unresolved issues in our relationships~We are full of emotional bruises- grudges- stress, and unresolved issues in our relationships}. But things do not need to be this way. We can take control of damaging emotional issues and restore peace in our lives, friendships, families, and marriages. Joyce Meyer succinctly points out how the Bible contains wonderful promises for peace and accord.

In this revision of the best-selling Life Without Strife, readers will learn how to:

·Identify the telltale signs of trouble in a relationship
·Heal troubled relationships
·Keep conflict out of their lives

This book is a life changer. It is easily comprehendable and practical. If you want peace and balance in your life read this. I have even already given away a few copies. End your struggles, it’s not worth it, this book is the perfect bridge. Thank God for Joyce Meyer! Relationships matter- If you care about your relationships and improving them- get this book! A powerful nugget she leaves is, “Rather than trying to make someone treat you fairly, pray for them, and trust God to take care of you.” “Envy and jealousy are open doors for strife,” she points out. By taking thoughts into captivity negative thoughts can be replaced with God-given thoughts that produce joy. She points out that the devil doesn’t want the possessions of a person, but seeks to steal one’s joy because the joy of the Lord is our strength.  Part of obtaining joy is to overlook other people’s shortcomings. We all have them. She encourages you to be generous in granting mercy and being long-suffering. Forgiveness is really emphasized. It should be given frequently and even quickly. In one section of the book she talks about the mysterious way God works in one’s life, that often we don’t understand at the time what He is doing. The implication for relationships is that sometimes people need to have some slack in their lives as they can be struggling with issues that are unresolved.



Help the relationships in your care and pick this book up!

Conflict Free Living

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